Food affects how you feel. This has been scientifically proven. So take advantage! You know how you feel now and how you’d like to feel. On that basis, you choose certain meals.


IMMUNITY Do you feel as if you could do with some more immunity? Eat plenty of fruit and raw and cooked vegetables, because they contain lots of vitamins and minerals. And they will keep you healthy!

energyENERGY For sports, long days at the office or in your free time, you need extra complex carbohydrates, because they give you long-lasting energy.

Blij_60pxHAPPY Certain substances in our food make us feel happy. Eat green vegetables, cheese, fatty fish and cocoa to feel good!

Concentratie_60pxFOCUS Your brain needs fluid, vitamins and the right fats. Both in the short term, for better concentration, and in the longer term, for a healthy brain.

Baaldag_60pxOFF-DAY Sometimes you just can’t be bothered and eat slightly less healthily. Enjoy it! But don’t do it every day because that can lead to you not getting enough healthy nutrients.

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