This month: Eggplant

Grill, stuff, stew and bake: eggplants can be prepared in all these ways. Eggplants are a delectable vegetable, brimming with fibre, antioxidants and minerals. This vegetable boosts your immune system and protects your brain cells. Eggplants are inexpensive and go well with many different dishes, so it’s easy to vary.

Eggplants are frequently used in vegetarian cuisine. This is because the structure of its flesh is similar to meat. Sprinkle a few nuts over the dish and you will have a complete meal without adding meat or fish.

Eggplants are sustainable vegetables, grown in the Netherlands. They’re available all year round, but it’s officially a summer vegetable.


There are many different methods for preparing eggplants. You can eat them with their peels, so wash before use. You can cut eggplants into squares and oven-bake them with onions and garlic. Or cut it into slices and grill with a little olive oil. Eggplants are spongy, so they quickly and easily absorb fat. A simple and great-tasting way to prepare eggplants is to halve them length-wise, cut criss-cross notches with a knife, marinate, and then bake in the oven. Eggplants are also especially suitable for BBQ-ing. Roasted or grilled, the taste really develops wonderfully. Wrap half a marinated eggplant in aluminum foil and put it onto the BBQ.

Due to the fact that eggplants are spongy, marinades are absorbed easily and the vegetable develops a great taste. Sprinkle with olive oil and herbs, garlic, thyme, pesto and cinnamon.


Store eggplants outside the fridge, in a dark place. Wash them before use and cut off the green stalk. You must never eat an eggplant raw.


Eggplants are Mediterranean vegetables and are therefore also a great taste combination with all vegetables from the south. Courgettes, tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic and herbs such as thyme, rosemary and basil accompany each other beautifully. Middle-Eastern cuisine goes very well with aubergine and is also frequently eaten in the region. Grilled, stuffed or mashed eggplant is an almost-daily accompaniment there.

Well-known dishes made with eggplant include baba ganoush, a vegetable spread for sandwiches or toasties. Also, Greek moussaka, which is an oven dish, is filled with eggplant.

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