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As a caterer, we like to help our guests. Because people with a healthier lifestyle have more energy and perform better.

Be aware of what you eat
Through this programme, we want to encourage our guests to live more healthily. We do this using monthly postcards, recipe cards and table cards. We also make our guests aware of their eating behaviour by including the nutritional value of all the meals on the product cards. So they know what they’re eating.

Healthier each year
Every year, we make our meals in each product group even healthier. By using more fibre and less salt, fewer calories and less fat, for example. So our guests eat a bit more healthily every year, without even noticing.
Wherever possible, we also use sustainable seasonal products, which are only processed when there is no other option. We also limit additives like E-numbers to the absolute minimum.

Goodbye afternoon dip!
The right combination of food components not only ensures optimal uptake of all the vitamins, but also a more gradual digestive process. This means you won’t suffer from an afternoon dip, benefitting productivity in the office. When planning our meals, we take this optimal combination into account.

Always developing
Know Your Food is constantly developing. Together with our nutrition experts, we update the programme based on the latest trends and developments relating to flavour, health and creativity.

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Know Your Food helps you pick a healthy meal! Easy recipes and tips to make life more fun and healthy.

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