Nutrition for your brain

Our brains need oxygen, fluid and energy to be able to perform optimally. You extracts oxygen out of the air, fluids from drinks and food, and energy from food. You can imagine that your eating and drinking habits have a direct impact on your brain. Lees verder>

Move up, importance of exercise

Exercise makes you healthy! Exercise makes your muscles strong, including your heart muscle. This is already a very good reason to do your absolute best every day. Nowadays people say: “sitting is the new smoking”. This means that we do much too little exercise in the Netherlands and sit much too long behind our desk without stretching our legs. Not exercising results in various physical disorders, just like smoking. This is why they say that sitting is just as unhealthy as smoking. Lees verder>

Keeping up New Year’s resolutions! A new year with new opportunities!

A healthy lifestyle brings various benefits, both physically and mentally. Keeping up a healthy lifestyle, however, is not always easy. Think ahead; your efforts will be rewarded! Lees verder>

Plan a stress-free meal

The mis-en-place or preparations for a festive menu: how do you do it without too much stress? The festive season can be more stressful than relaxing. So make sure that you’re well organised if you want to enjoy a dinner or lunch with several guests. Lees verder>

Coughing and sneezing? Boost your immunity!

Autumn has arrived and is making us cough and sneeze. Our immunity gets weaker in this season. But you can do something about it yourself: Lees verder>

Light products: what exactly does that mean?

Packaging labels contain a lot of information. Different logos, terms and photos inform us of the composition and background of a product. The Commodities Act (Dutch ‘Warenwet’) has determined precisely what must be included on a label. Lees verder>

Don’t lose that holiday feeling!

In the summer, most people go on holiday. Which means weeks of enjoyment and relaxation on the campsite, in the mountains or on the coast. Delicious food, lots of time for your family and no need to think about work. Charging your battery and relaxing – that’s what a holiday is for. But every holiday comes to an end and you have to go back to work. Lees verder>

Spoil yourself this summer!

Spoil yourself this summer and make your own healthy, delicious and fast salads! A salad has the reputation of being healthy and slimming, but that’s not always the case. Lees verder>

Healthy and tasty barbecue!

Savour the flavours of summer with balmy barbecue evenings. As the smell of charcoal spreads through the neighbourhood. Lees verder>

Mindful eating, eating with more awareness!

Eat less, enjoy more and really taste what you’re eating – that’s something you can do when you really pay attention to what you’re eating. And mindfulness will help you with this. Lees verder>